Astrology Classes

New ClassAstrology Class for Beginners

Beginning Saturday, July 14, 2018

2 PM - 4 PM
Free Introductory Class, July 14

at Guided by Angels: A Center for Healing
10719 Mockingbird Drive, Omaha, Nebr. 68127
For more information, contact Ann directly at:

Join Ann for this 8-week Workshop that will focus on what Astrology can teach us about the planetary energies that influence our lives. Through this we will bring into consciousness inner energies and issues and the awareness to connect to our healthier selves.

During the class we will utilize Steven Forrest's book, "The Inner Sky". If you wish to purchase the book you may do so on his website www.Forrestastrology.com or it is available on ebook. Purchase of the book is not necessary to attend the Workshop.

The first class will be an introduction to Astrology, then each week we will focus on a new topic. By week 8 you will be able to understand and read an astrological birth chart.

Dates of Workshop:
July 14
July 21
July 28
August 4
August 11
August 18
August 25
(No workshop Labor Day weekend)
September 8


"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; he made the stars also." Genesis 1:14 &16.

About Astrology

Most people are aware of Sun-sign astrology. This is the astrology that you see in the newspapers and magazines and it is general advice and information based on one's sun sign. For example, you might read that someone born between March 21 and April 19 is an Aries and Aries are assertive, adventurous with a natural love of challenge, etc. However, Astrology examines more than a person's sun sign. It takes into account all eight planets, the sun, the moon and several sensitive areas such as the rising sign. Each of these aspects providing insight into the psychological energies that is unique to each person.

My approach to Astrology is to examine these psychological energies to understand their strengths and weakness and help guide people to the healthiest expression of themselves. I believe strongly that we all have free will; we all have the freedom to manifest our inner energies in a healthy manner or less than healthy manner. Astrology like many other metaphysical arts can be helpful in bringing to consciousness inner issues and energies. Through this conscious attention we can connect to our healthiest self.

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Astrology Readings

Birth Chart Interpretation

1. The birthchart interpretation is the first step. This examines the position of the planets and stars at the moment of birth. This provides insights into the psychological energies that are the basis of your character.

2. I also have a computerized printout interpretation created by Steven Forrest, the author of The Inner Sky available, if a personal reading would not work for you.

Please Note: For any type of reading I will need the date, time and location of your birth. It is essential that the information be accurate, including the birthtime. Your birth certificate in most cases will have a time noted on it.

Current and Future Trends

The astrological energies in one's life change over time. The natal chart is the root of this energy; overtime there is movement and expansion of the energy, symbolized in the actual movement of the planets (transits) and the symbolic movement of the planets (secondary progressions). Consciously connecting to these changes can help one to reach toward healthier life choices.

Ann is Available for Parties

She could do short 10 minutes readings for anyone that was interested.

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Astrology Classes

ClassLearn Astrology!
Astrology Classes:
New Class Beginning Saturday, July 14, 2018

Contact Ann at 402-609-0785 or email

About Ann Devish

Ann Devish

Ann has studied astrology for over 15 years. She completed Level One and Level Two Classes through Ena Stanley's Online College of Astrology in 1997; the National Counsel of GeoCosmic Research, a national astrology association, recognizes the college. She has being participating in Steven Forrest's Astrology Apprenticeship Program since 2000. Steven Forrest is an internationally recognized astrologer, teacher and author.

Ann's creative work can be found at www.anndevish.com

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How to Contact Ann

I can be reached by phone at 402-609-0785 or email me at annd3524@cox.net.

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Current Topics in Astrology


We are currently moving from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. Astrologers disagree on the year of the change, but we can see the transition already. Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius. It was first discovered in the 1780. The discovery of this planet correlated with an upsurge in Aquarian energy, represented by the American and French Revolution. The motto of the French Revolution was Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. I feel this motto is a good representation of Aquarian energy. Up until this time the Divine Right of Kings meaning that God had designated Kings to rule the people was the common belief. Now the world consciousness was changing so that people felt that they were capable of uniting together as free and equal individuals to govern themselves ( A more detailed discussion of the Astrological Ages can be found on my website under Previous Topics).

One challenge of the Aquarian Age is finding the balance between the elements of its energy: freedom, equality and fraternity (unity). In order to come together as a country or society some freedoms must be surrendered. Where this line is drawn is a constant debate. Most people quickly agree that total freedom when driving a car down the street - free to drive on any side of the street, free to drive any speed, free to interpret traffic signals anyway we like - would be so detrimental to the common good that we must all give up this freedom. One area where there is more debate involves gun control. Many citizens feel that they should have the right to own any firearm they would like; other citizens feel that for the common good, some limits should be set.

As the Aquarian Age continues to unfold the Democratic system currently is the most favored form of government. There are some people that argue that Anarchy would be a better representation of an Aquarian government; this would have more emphasis on freedom and little unity.

Another area of debate centers on the choice of economic system. There is no automatic connection between types of government and economic systems. Currently we see many Democratic countries with a variety of combinations of capitalism and socialism. The totalitarian state of China has in recent years switched from a communist economic system to capitalism.

One difficulty that arises when discussing economic systems is the strong emotional response that Americans have to the words “socialism” and “communism”. The long cold war with the Soviet Union has left us with an instinctive rejections of there terms, we fear it automatically will bring a totalitarian government. During the Great Depression of the 1930’s many citizens were upset with President Roosevelt’s programs like the Civilian Conservation Corp, which put men to work on conservation projects around the country. They complained that this was socialism. President Roosevelt responded that instead of focusing on how we would label different programs like the New Deal, was this socialism or not, we need to focus on what economic policies work to make America a strong country.

So let us look at the different economic systems. We see that Capitalism has a strong emphasis on freedom, individual effort and individual reward. Recently we have seen that all this freedom can lead to Ponzi schemes and toxic chemicals being added to infant formula. Socialism has a combination of individual freedom, plus some emphasis on the common good. Socialism reflects its concern for the common good by creating systems like Social Security, where uniting together to ensure that the elderly and the disabled have a guaranteed standard of living is in the interest of all members of the country. Communism places a strong emphasis on the unity component of Aquarian energy, where the primary focus of the economy is that all citizens have their needs met. Before we automatically condemn communism as a failure we should remember that all the current examples of communism involve totalitarian dictators forcing this economic system on the people... Not very Aquarian!

Whichever economic system is embraced in this age, it is essential that the choice some up from the people, allow individuals the freedom to reach their full potential and recognize that no person is an island. We exist in and community and the well being of the community is directly connected to our well being.

Politically and Economically

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